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The Love Of Food

Since the age of just 7, Simon knew that he wanted to be a chef.

He would sit on the kitchen stool and admire how his mother prepared the dinner for a family of 9, and is extremely grateful to her for the inspiration that she created in him, as well as the opportunities she gave, allowing him to prepare food at such a young age. That is where the spark ignited.

Simon´s career began at just 15, after working a 3 week work experience in a large restaurant, and receiving not just a glowing report, but also a job offer, to which he gladly accepted. At 16 Simon began training at the Chelmsford chef school in Essex, by a prestigious teacher with extensive experience, and who was previously in charge of a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars.

By the age of just 17, Simon had earned his first head chef position, and was given the perfect opportunity to put his skills to practice. During the following few years, he went on to be head chef at various establishments of a high level in England.

At the age of 20, Simon moved to Spain, and since then, he has been living in Malaga, where he continued to develop his profession, running the kitchen of Restaurante Vino Mio, a high class restaurant with a high reputation for good food, a nice atmosphere, it's exhibitions and live performances.

In 2010, Simon was approached by the newspaper "La opinion de Malaga" who invited him to publish one of his creative culinary creations each week, to which he gladly accepted. He also created an online blog for the same newspaper, titled "Recipes of the crisis" to give people an opportunity to be able to make luxury recipes on a low budget. Within just 5 months, Simon's blog had converted in to the second most read blog of the opinion de Malaga. He has also cooked live on TV, on a number of different cookery channels and programs, and has a DVD titled "El Recetario: Entre campo y mar"

His great Passion for the kitchen, the continuous effort of a demanding and strenuous job and the changes he has made during his life, have all made it possible to be where he is today, and to be able to represent himself through the gastronomy.

In 2013, and at the age of 28, this is how Simon Robson is presented in his cookbook “Cooking in the Mediterranean” where we can find natural flavours, plates packed full of bright and vibrant colour, a grand variety of textures with a modern and original presentation, which is the result of the simple techniques and easy tricks, that allow us to enjoy creating. Simon has embarked on his latest professional project based on his passion for cooking, his experience, his way of understanding the kitchen and his creative ideas to transform traditional tasty, easy to prepare dishes with a modern touch and fusion.

In the same year, Simon was awarded "The best international cuisine restaurant in Malaga"

In 2016, and after having run the kitchen of Vino Mio for 11 years, Simon decided to say his farewells, in order to be able to dedicate time, and enjoy the childhood of his two young children.

Simon is currently working as a personal chef for celebrities and has worked for some big names like Sting, Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Ozuna, Marc Anthony and many more.



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