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The 5 professions of a chef

Apart from cooking, a chef is also a scientist, because he is able to experiment, create mixes or solutions. He is a psychologist because he analyses the likes and customs of the diners. He´s an architect because he designs the structure of each plate, and also, and the most interesting of them all... He´s an illusionist, because he´s capable of creating fantasies which fascinate you and bring a smile to your face.

Quoted by Simon Robson


Simon´s Blog: Recetas De La Crisis
From 2010-2011 Simon worked for the newspaper "La Opinion De Malaga" in his spare time publishing easy but interesting recipes.A selection are available on his blog  Visit Blog

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Restaurante Vino Mio
Set in the heart of Malaga on the south coast of Spain, Simon ran the kitchen from March 2005 until March 2016   Visit Site

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